Monday, September 9, 2019

Find a classroom accommodation for students who are at risk, another Research Paper

Find a classroom accommodation for students who are at risk, another for those with ADHD and 1 more for individuals who are Gifted and Talented - Research Paper Example They can keep track of their students’ learning with this attempt. An example of a classroom accommodation for an ADHD student is seating them close to the teacher and away from windows and doors. This is a valid accommodation because such students need their assistance and exceptional care of their teachers at all times, and; therefore, their educators should be there (Friend & Bursuck, 2006). An improvement that could be made is for instance letting the ADHD the student run an occasional errand for his/her educator. This can assist the hyperactive child burn off the unwanted energy. Finally, a common classroom accommodation for gifted or talented students is through grouping them together or with higher-level learners (Friend & Bursuck, 2006). However, I think that teachers should never group gifted learners with lower-level learners for remediation because, if so, then the student might start questioning his gift or talent. This classroom accommodation can be improved throu gh encouraging learners thoroughly to study concepts and support independent investigations or studies (Friend & Bursuck, 2006). From this research, I learned that many students have unique needs, and it is the work of the educator to travel around these needs and learn how the educationally deal with such

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